We at Golden Clothing will happily receive qualified and fully eligible returns at least within a maximum of thirty (30) days of the buying date of the product. Please have a look at our full return policy details below so you can get assured of our complete return policy.

Return Eligibility

  • Entire purchased products should be stamped within thirty (30) days of the buying date.
  • Meanwhile, if the returns of the products don’t fulfill the return requirements, then the purchased items will fail to be eligible for a refund.
  • Your purchased product will be deliberated for our Refresh Program (if qualified).
  • Products should be in genuine condition with no missing accessories like dust bag, box, lock, etc.) to qualify for the refund.
  • We are not liable for any fresh loss or attire to a product after buying from our site.


  1. We usually allow refunds in 2-4 working days of delivery conditional on your refund technique range and please ensure yourself that returns of some accessories normally take an average of 10 days to process once we received them back.
  2. It will be completely processed after the thorough assessment and inspection by our team if you get qualified so you will promptly get it back within the decided days.
  3. If you convert or lose your banks/credit card information during the product purchase and the return, you fully must contact your previous institution and advise that a refund will be sent to the account.
  4. Returning a product that fits your order for any promotional discount, the amount of the refund will be abridged by the prorated value of the discount.
  5. We receive and accept your returns on international orders additionally defined in our return policy for your clarification.
  6. For international deliveries and all returns on products dispatched globally will be made in US dollars only.
  7. We are impotent to deliver any currency interchange approximates as these rates continuously vary.

Return Shipping

Golden clothing provides free and assured UPS Standard Ground shipping labels for all domestic returns within thirty (30) days of the buying date. It can be retrieved when you start a return from your account product buying history if qualified.
To get your delivery tag you have to first log in to your Golden Clothing account, then just click on the “My Purchases” tab and you will get the order you want to return and click “Return a Product” and eventually finish the necessary data and click “Submit” to print your delivery label.

Return Fees

Return fees usually vary from the purchasing of the total products and for those buyers, who have purchased at least 10 products or any articles or more in 6 months and keep a 70% or greater return rate, we will charge an automatic 10% replacing fee.